We are sure that the term “access and identity management” – is known to you. Maybe you’ve even made some steps towards it, but meanwhile, have decided the configuration in Active Directory is enough. In SimplySec we know it isn’t true. Give yourself a few minutes to read this article and we will convince you that nowadays this solution is a necessity.

In the beginning, it is worth distinguishing the two areas – identity and access. Of course, they interfuse and blend but we need to specify:

  • digital identity is nothing else than individuality in systems and applications also known as a user.
  • access management is an effective way to ensure that the users have access only to the data and services necessary for their work.

So access and identity management is nothing more than creating an IT environment in which we are 100% sure who the user is and to which resources he has access.

Active Directory – not this way

If you think the Active Directory can deal with this, you must read this paragraph to the end. Firstly – If you want to do everything using AD, you would have to ensure a fully homogenous environment. And this is impossible in 99% of organizations. Anyway, companies use a large amount of “old” applications which often cannot integrate with AD. Also, AD has restrictions too. And the last point: identity theft; if managed only by AD, it can give cybercriminal who steals login and password full access to the victim’s resources.

Of course, you can say that the Pareto rule works also in this case, and 80% of the data doesn’t need protection. Yes, that’s true, but what if the victim of identity theft has access to this very  20%? Counting on being lucky is not a good practice in IT security.

Risk of identity theft is a still-growing problem. Suffice to say, that in the UK in 2017 there were almost 175 000 incidents of this type of crime. Of course, we are talking about those which were detected and reported. Probably none of IT security professionals thinks that in Poland the situation looks different.

If I know what I have, I know what I can take

Implementation of access & identity management solutions area beside obvious effects brings also other equally interesting gains. First of all, before we implement the IDM solutions in the organizations’ IT environment, we need to do an audit. To know who is who and where he has access to, you just have to laboriously determine that. Don’t worry, here in SimplySec we have a team that specializes in this area. We will do it for you in a precise and effective way. Also, we will help you determine which resources are critical for the continuity of business and will focus on their protection in the first place.

Next, we want to have a full view of authorizations. To give you a clear picture it’s like getting an aerial view from a drone on all systems, applications and services. Our several years of experience clearly shows there could be many surprising situations at this stage. It turns out that Excel, where everything is clearly described and has been working fine for many years, simply isn’t enough now.

Sorting out the whole lot of issues we can finally automate a large part of an access and identity management area. There are many repetitive processes involved. IDM, IDAM and any other version from this group of solutions will allow us to save valuable time and hence money too. How? For example, we employ a new person in the sales department. The system automatically gives this person the same access as other people have in the same department and in the same position. No one from the security department needs to waste time on this. How much time does it take? This is only known to specialists from an organization that employs a few thousand (and more) workers in many locations. Turnover of employees is a permanent element of business reality.

In SimplySec our vast experience suggests that in case of any non-standard situations an employee will surely appeal for the necessary access. We will only provide him with a unified, clear and quick way to apply for it. Ok, but didn’t we write that in this way we wouldn’t lose control over permissions? Exactly, if someone has “too much” we will also be able to state this and take appropriate action.

Access and identity management – do you want to know more?

We hope that we have made you interested in this topic. If so, we are open to talk. The best way would be to arrange a meeting. It can be in our office – in the centre of Warsaw, at 8 Chałubińskiego street – or at your place. You lose nothing but may gain quite a lot.  Apparently, we’re pretty good at talking so If you want to meet, just let us know and we will arrange a convenient date for both parties.

Hope to hear from you!